Q. Should I spend more money on high security locks on my residence ?

A. High security locks such as Medeco are excellent locks because the provide hardened disc’s so that the lock can not be drilled out, keys that are restricted and unable to be duplicate depending on the level  also virtually un-pickable. But a lock is only as good as surroundings . You can install the most expensive lock but if a thief wants in they will find another way, such as breaking the glass. There are locks that are available that offer  the same protection high grade quality and that are less expensive. I know there are security companies and locksmiths out there that will push high security to home owners simply to push the product and make money. High security was design and best used in Commercial and Institutional applications to keep key control without unlawful duplication of keys and other security features. High security locks are well worth the money and can be used on residential application  but it is my job to give you the best protection and peace of mind for the money.

Q. Do I need to Replace my locks if keys are lost or stolen?

A. No unless they are worn out or broken. You would only re-key them which means disassembling the lock ,replacing the tumblers/pins inside now the lock requires a different key to operate it .  This will also include any adjustments to lock or strike .This is the most cost effective way. You should always do this once you take possession of a new home or business.


Q. Can I key all my locks so that one key will work?

A. Yes If the locksets have the same keyway which means the opening in the lock cylinder that accepts the key it must be of the same configuration. Take one of your keys that work the most common door and insert it into all the locks it might not work but if it goes in it can be keyed with other lockset in your home if not replacement will be necessary one key is the most convenient.


Q. Why Use a Professional Locksmith?

A. The first is that you should be treated with a professional attitude such as politeness and patience for you had called me for a reason weather for a simple or complex question and  I will take the time to help you with your problem.

When you watch TV or read the paper the first to top the list is crime. You should be aware that the service of a professional locksmith is necessary. Locksmiths are qualified to analyze your security needs such as proper deadbolts, securing windows, patio doors, mail boxes, ect. And to protect your documents with products such as Safes and fire rated file cabinets.  Professional locksmith should be able to inform and educate you on the proper security needs.

For Business it is most important to choose a qualified locksmith to give you recommendations such as what you can or cannot use what you need to comply with fire, and building codes. Certain areas require special devices for the handicap. Keying and key control is very important a locksmith will provide you with the best solution for securing your business such as High security keying , locks, card access , and other electronic devices.

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